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The Dog Days of Charlotte Hayes
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The Dog Days of Charlotte Hayes


It’s not that Charlotte hates dogs. Or that she wants all of them to disappear off the face of the planet. It’s just that she doesn’t see why everyone loves them so much.

So how did she get stuck taking care of a big, drooling Saint Bernard puppy? Rain or shine, hot or cold, poor Beauregard is left chained in the backyard. No one ever plays with him or checks his food and water bowls, and Charlotte can tell he’s sad. So she makes sure he has water, gives him belly rubs — blech! — and feeds him every single day. But it’s kind of a pain, and she knows Beauregard deserves better.

Charlotte has an idea. Now all she needs is a plan. Maybe lots of plans.

How do you rescue your own dog?


“Following the excellent Me and the Pumpkin Queen (2007), Kennedy returns with another original novel for young readers… (Charlotte’s) first-person, present-tense voice captures perfectly the emerging moral awareness of young teens as it comes up against the impotence of late childhood. Another fine effort, perhaps this entertaining read will serve to catch the attention of children everywhere living with too-easily neglected pets that have outgrown cute.”

“Charlotte’s story is often funny, but with a poignant undertone that just may cause readers to sniffle as they read to the end. Author Marlane Kennedy does a wonderful job with characters who are so realistic, the reader expects to bump into them at the grocery store… In fact, this book has everything: a sympathetic heroine with a goal who keeps being thwarted at every turn, but doesn’t give up; a distinct sense of place; unexpected alliances; and interesting secondary characters… A delightful and compelling read…topped off with a satisfying conclusion. Very highly recommended.”


  • Bank Street Best Books for 2010
  • International Reading Association Children’s Choice list for 2010
  • 2012 Crown Award nominee
  • Master List 2012 Virginia Reader’s Choice Award
  • Master List 2012 Iowa Children’s Choice Award